Carve The Mark: Book Review

Review by: Akshi Jain
Author: Veronica Roth
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
Publication year: 2017
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Total pages: 480
Rating: 4 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
In a galaxy powered by current, some people are Fate favoured. The current flows through every living being in the galaxy and every person has a ‘current gift’ which may it may not help them. People live on nine different planets with different rules, different government. Among them is a planet where people are divided into two groups, Thuveists and Shotet.
Cyra Noavek, a Shotet, is the sister of the brutal tyrant Rhyzek Noavek who is the current leader of Shotet. She has a strange gift which gives her and others whom she touch, pain. This gift of hers is exploited by her brother to torture his enemies. But, Cyra is smarter than he knows.
Akos, from the nation of Thuve, possesses an unusual gift – to interrupt the current. He and His brother are captured by the Shotet soldiers and are thrust into Cyra’s world. His current gift enables him to touch Cyra and also reduce the pain her current gift causes her. Akos is desperate to save his brother, no matter what the cost. The enemity between the countries of Akos and Cyra is insurmountable . They must decide to help each other survive or to destroy each other.
The Book Cover
Sparkly, glinty, swirly Carve the Mark cover art goodness!!! It’s stunning cover is one of the reasons I was tempted to read this book! The cover has had me drooling like crazy, really. I mean, just look at that doomy seeping liquid, those dramatic claw marks… I Just LOVE It!!! And then comes the Tag Line : “HONOR HAS NO PLACE IN SURVIVAL.” Oh My God! So alluring! So marvellous! Really Intriguing!!!
Writing Style
The book is very well written, well expressed and crushingly suspenseful with shoet, sharp sentences while describing things and interesting statements when it comes from Cyra’s thoughts. Roth’s words just drawn you in wrap you up and keep you so deeply enthralled that you will be nearing the end of the book while wishing it would never end! As for action, it’s nothing short of brilliant! Roth gives you the feeling it’s not over yet, it’s never over…
Roth wrote in a specific, intriguing fashion, by swapping between first and third person narrations of Cyra and Akos respectively. Most of the chapters are from Cyra’s POV and that worked just fine for me because I prefer reading books in first person narrations!
My Review
What can I say!? I mainly purchased this book because I’m a huge fan of Veronica Roth. I’ve enjoyed Roth’s writing since I picked up Divergent a year ago! Honestly, I finished it and rushed to buy Insurgent and Allegiant! And this book has been on my TBR for quiet a while. I was a little hesitant to read this book because of some mixed reviews and also worried that it wont live upto my expectations. And, to be honest, Carve the Mark was rather slow in the beginning ( especially before Akos and Cyra met) Halfway through The book i found it to be really BORING! But, I still forced myself to read further. Then, as the plot developed, the story grabbed speed. I freaking loved Akos and Cyra as characters, not to mention the mind gripping way their relationship developed. There was also lotta suspense element that I loved!
Cyra continued to be my favourite character throughout the story. She was intelligent , perceptive, wise, brave and what not! Smart, quick-witted, and resilient, but preferred to keep others at a distance. I really liked her as a character!
Akos, as described in the first few chapters, was a weak and shy boy but then he grew out to be a brave and strong person. He loved his family wholeheartedly. I felt really bad for all he had gone though especially when Eijeh was brainwashed and dragged Akos to Prison. His immense love for his family was the reason he took so many risks trying to save Eijeh. Also, I felt really happy when Akos killed Vas!
As for Rhyzek, I hated him right from the beginning of the novel. He captured Akos and Eijeh, brainwashed Eijeh and also tortured and planned to kill his own sister Cyra and make out an example of it! I felt really heartbroken while reading the part when Rhyzek captured and torturd Cyra.
And the ending…god the ending was Full Of suspense! Throughout the story, not even for a moment had I thought that it would turn out Cyra wasn’t the sister of Rhyzek. Infact it occured to me a few times that it might turn out that Akos is Shotet by blood…it was a huge revealation! And the last lines of the book : ” Lazmet Noavek is alive.” Oh god! Believe me! I was awestruck to read that! I was really shocked because it meant that all of it was planned by Rhyzek AND Lazmet! Also, I feel greatful that I read this novel after The release of The Fates Divide because I really couldnt have awaited for that long to unleash the whole truth (though i never want this story to end!)
So, overall, it was a captivating book through and through. Also, it intrigued me through it’s action packed conspiracy story line that made me want the story to end ( so that I Could know the whole truth) and also never have it ended!

2 thoughts on “Carve The Mark: Book Review

  1. This has definitely been on my wishlist since I first saw it hit shelves! The story is so different from Divergent and her writing style is addicting! She knows how to keep you hooked until the very. last. word. Thank you for your review! I’m definitely ordering it!!

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