My June TBR List

Hey mortals!!!

Its June 2nd already! I can’t believe we are almost halfway through The year! 2k18 is flying by!!! I have hundreds of books on my never ending tbr List and I think I wont be able to read all of them even in my whole lifetime!

And… I know I’m a bit late with this blog post…but better late than never! So here’s my June TBR which consists of two super hyped series which I might be the last person on this earth to read *sighs*

One of my favourite things on this planet is the start of a new month especially June! Though its immensly hot here (45℃) but as it’s summer vacation, so I dont really mind coz I’m gonna try to stay at home and read as much as possible… Tbh, I’ve got lotta schoolwork and revisions to do in my break but, being an optimistic person *coughs* , I’m hoping to read atleast half of the books I’ve shortlisted for the month of June.

So, here is my June TBR!!!

Shame Me Not

Throne of Glass series

A Song of ice and fire series

    of Glass series by Sarah J Maas

    • Shame Me Not by Fiona Cole
    • A Game of Thrones by George R R Martin


    My new obsession at the moment! Just finished reading this book . I was completely blown away by Shame Me Not!!! What a beautiful and captivating story about friendship and love!!! I’m speechless… This story was an incredible mix of passion and love ! An incredible story !!! I completed reading this book in less than 24 hours because I was really hooked! To begin with, I started reading Throne of Glass yesterday but after reading like 50 pages, I decided to read Shame Me Not first because the title itself seemed really Intriguing and really…this book was an AMAZING read!! Couldnt put this down!

    Currently reading

    Throne Of Glass series

    After reading and enjoying ACOTAR series , I was tempted to pick another one of Sarah J Maas ‘s works…So I got this!!! I’m so happy I’m finally reading TOG!!! I’ve read only about 100 pages and it’s a real page turned so far! There is so much details in the world SJ Maas created and I’m really excited to know what happens with Celaena and Chaol and everyone!!!

    To be Read

    A Game of Thrones

    So, I know I will be reading this series like a million years after everyone else but I’m really happy I’ll finally read this! I’m so incredibly excited to read this one! This series sounds so freaking cool! Now I just can’t wait to pick it up and get to it! And I really do hope I didn’t hype it up too much about much in my head coz it sounds so GREAT! I haven’t seen any A Game of Thrones Series yet, I think I may read the books first!!!

    So, that’s my June TBR List!!! The two most hyped up series I’ve owned for months and yet haven’t read… I’m insanely excited to read them all and hopefully will have time and headspace to read them (atleast half) this month!

    Lets talk!

    What books are on your tbr this month!? Have you read any of the above mentioned books? If yes, what are your opinions on them? Tell me in the comment section!

    Thanks for reading!!!


    2 thoughts on “My June TBR List

    1. Wow, it’s an impressive TBR. I really love ToG series, especially 4th and 5th book 😀
      I also read A Song of Ice and Fire, but I honestly think they are a bit overrated. It just takes a loooot of time for anything to really happen. But that’s just my opinion. I hope you will enjoy those books much more than I did 🙂

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      1. Awh! Thanks a lot! Yessss I’m really loving TOG ! Can’t wait to reach 4th book!😍 And yep…My brother read a game of Thrones and also told me the same about a game of Thrones Series…😅 But I think I should give it a try…Thank youuuu for your views!!!💕

        Liked by 1 person

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