Author: Sarah J Maas

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Release Date: 23 October 2018

Page count: 990

Hey Booklovers!

So, i finally finished reading Empire of storms. I initially planned to complete reading it in the month of june but then i opted for reading multiple books at a time to get through my 2018 tbr fastly. So, i planned to take my time reading the series and complete it by October, hence escaping the torture of waiting for months till the release of finally book of the series because i really hate cliffhangers. But, i was so damn swept away by the books in this incredible series (especially queen of shadows and Empire of storms) that i just couldn’t put them down! I was reading while walking, walking while reading and took the book everywhere i went… Yes I became a zombie! Even during the exams it was really hard to look into my textbook, constantly reminding myself that i have to score good in these exams. I am pure outta words to describe how incredibly wonderful this series was so far!!! And now that I am done reading Empire of storms, i am ready to trade half of my soul to just get my hands on Kingdom of Ash. I WANNA READ IT RIGHT NOW! I was really a weeping mess while reading the last few chapters of Empire of Storms. Gods above! How am i gonna survive THREE WHOLE MONTHS before finally getting to READ KOA!?

Also, i am sure i am speaking for all TOG fans when i say that we are presently in a situation wherein on one hand we are really desperate to read KOA and 3 months till its release is seeming like 3 years while on the other, we dont want it to be released too soon because after reading KOA, we wouldn’ t be able to read any TOG book for the first time!


And now comes the absolutely amazing, super stunning , mindblowing KOA US and UK COVERS!!! Both the COVERS are freaking marvellous and the best ones in the WHOLE series. But if i were to choose one, i would go for the US COVER! I love all the gold and…am i mistaken or is it really really, metallic gold, Rowan’s Favourite colour? Perhaps i would rush to US to grab that gorgeous US edition!

Also, i love Aelin’s stance and outfit – the magnificent armour and goldryn in her hands! She looks so fucking badass! I just gawked at that we catching armour for a long time! And as for her hair…well, whatswrong with her hair? I mean, many people were like ” oh! Just look at how long Aelin’s hair is! Turns out she is gonna spend a long time inside that coffin” well, i dont think so because her hair were burnt while she was in Wendlyn, fighting the Valgs and in EoS she has spent months searching the lock and calling in debts and all and probably her hair had grown during those months! So i dont think her long hair suggest that she is gonna spend a long time in that coffin.

Anyways, till the release of KoA, we are left to just weeping and contemplate various deaths and endings, both was and happy and just hope for the best!

So, here’s a list of things that are likely to happen in KoA

Things i dont WANNA consider but are actually really credible:

◆Maeve putting a collar on Aelin

◆The Valg inside Aelin torturing Rowan

◆Maeve ordering Cairn to torture Aelin when she discovers that she didnt have the keys

◆Gavriel dying to save Aedion

◆Dorian dying while finding the third keys or while forging the lock

◆Aesterin yielding to save Manon

◆Manon yielding to save Aelin, Elide or Dorian

◆Maeve and Erawan secretly planning together to Capture Aelin and get the keys.

◆Abraxos dying to save Elide or Manon

◆Fenrys dying while helping Aelin escape

◆Manon’s grandmother attempting to till Manon and Aesterin or any other thirteen sacrificing themselves to save her.

Things that must happen:

◆Aelin dying while forging the lock but then Rowan requests the gods to resurrect her and she then comes back to life(being resurrected by gods)

◆Aelin and Dorian joining their powers to forge the lock and none of them dies

◆Rowan killing Cairn

◆Also, i dont believe that Kaltian Rompier is dead. I guess she might have survived the fire, after all, it was her shadowfire and maybe she would show up and help ehenwthe things are going to hell.

◆Elide discovering her witch abilities and magic

◆Elide forgiving Lorcan

◆Aedion forgiving Gavriel

◆Aedion Lysandra reunion(after all, Lysandra didnt do anything wrong)

◆The cadre(including Fenrys and Connall joining Aelin)

◆Maeve putting Valg in Aelin but Aelin doesnt let it control her and acts as Maeve says and finally escape, killing Maeve

◆Maeve being secretly on Aelin’s side(well, that’s very unlikely to happen)

◆Manon rallying crochans, killing her grandmother and uniting blackbeaks with crochans

◆There are good chances of occurrence of war.

◆Aelin winning the war and Erawan perishing forever

◆And finally, Aelin being crowned as the Queen of Terrasen and living happily with Rowan ever after.

So, that’s kinda what i want must happen in KoA . But whatever SJM has thought…one thing I’m sure about is that there are still many secrets yet to be revealed, many truths yet to be uncovered and many tears yet to be shed.

What do you think would happen in KoA? Tell me in the comment section below.

And until next time



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