T 21 in Downs Lane

Author: Utpal Kant Mishra

Publisher: The Write Place

Release Date:1 January 2018

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Aashima, a young journalist, befriends Jay, a ‘differently different’ son of Ayesha and Siddhartha, who has Down Syndrome. Sid’s diary, which unfolds a completely different world, pulls her deeper into Jay’s emotional turmoil.
T21 in Downs Lane is an intensive narrative about the parents’ struggle to give birth and raise a child with Trisomy 21. A heart rendering account, it is also a revelation of peoples’ perception about Downs Syndrome. Whether it is their disdain, sympathy or curiosity, the author has captured these emotions in a realistic semblance. The insightful and factual information on Down Syndrome adds value to the read.
T21 in Downs Lane is also a story of Aashima’s endeavour to seek unconditional psychological acceptance from the ‘typicals’. What will she do to bring the story to a logical end?

My review

This is a story if Jay, a downs syndrome boy, and highlights the miseries of those suffering from T21 syndrome. The journey if Jay, the struggles he faced in life, and his determination to succeed in life is really worth appreciation. This story not only brought tears in my eyes but also revealed the atrocities faced by disabled people, how the society undermines them. It would change your outlook towards the differently abled people. Jay’s journey teaches us a new way of thinking and has brought a positive change in my attitude towards life. This book will make you empathetic towards the disabled people and you will realize how very blessed you are. If truth be told, the story of Jay opened my eyes towards the reality and sufferings of people and raised a sea of emotions in my heart. This book really taught me that disabled people aren’t those who couldnt see or talk or hear or walk, rather its the ones who couldnt understand the importance of the gifts they have been bestowed with by the god, who take Everything for granted, and who pity the differently abled people, who are actually disabled.

After reading this book did i realize that in some way or the other, the dejectedness and mental block of disabled people stems up from people’s gross indifference towards them, their hatred and dislikes for the handicaps and their utter lack of concern and compassion. The words of sympathy they utter are actually an expression of their fear of looking at somebody facing so many problems in life and not at all out of genuine concern and sympathy. This book taught me that the victims of impairment dont want empty words of sympathy and pity, for they feel more hurt when people continue to remind them unwittingly of their being handicapped and impaired. Instead, they need time and space to live their lives as fully as possible.

Jay doesnt allow his physical disability to come in his way. He accepts life as it comes and develops a positive attitude towards life, people and things and doesnt find solace in escapism. For the differently abled people, it is rather the social and moral duty of every citizen to empathize with them, create such feelings in them which may embolden them to feel lively as well as uplifted. Jay, with the support of his Father Siddarth and mother Aeysha, defeated the fatalities of life.

So, all in all, this great, incredible book is certainly worth a read. Kudos to Utpal Kant Mishra for his indisputable attempt to highlight such a great cause. This book clearly reflects the hardwork and research out in by the author.


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